Sacred Clay Farm B & B

The Inn at Sacred Clay Farm

A peaceful time away from the hectic pace of everyday life.

Environmental Commitment

It is our firm belief that we must all strive to make the world a better place. Part of that directive is to nurture and care for the environment, whether locally or globally. As we take steps in commitment to a healthier environment we are always pleasantly surprised at all the benefits we reap. It is our hope that our guests feel the same way. If you have any further suggestions please engage us in conversation, we are always looking for new ways!

Sandy and Fred Kiel

  • Grow and maintain a large organic garden
  • Compost all organic waste and use as fertilizer in the garden
  • Purchase organic foods at cooperatives, with an eye to regionally-grown items
  • Serve free-range, organic meats and eggs raised by local farmers
  • Brew organic, fairly-traded coffee and teas
  • Use near zero chemicals to maintain our grounds and gardens
  • Rent our tillable land to a certified organic farmer
  • Provide natural, hand-made soaps made specially for the Inn
  • Clean and disinfect with only natural, biodegradable cleaners
  • Wash sheets and linens in all-natural, scent free, non-toxic detergent
  • Line-dry all linens outdoor when weather permits
  • Replace lights with only compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Use radiant in-floor heating, which is 98% efficient compared to less than 50% for forced air