The Inn at Sacred Clay Farm... a peaceful time away.


  Welcome Innkeepers Notes  

After much careful thought and consideration, Fred and I have closed The Inn at Sacred Clay Farm. We have loved our tenure as innkeepers and treasure you, our gracious guests who have blessed our lives with your many smiles and stories of lives well-lived.

We have been boundlessly heartened to come to know a few things with certainty that we will share with you:

1) There are indeed many long and happy marriages filled with love, laughter and respect;
2) There exist in this world, many happy, healthy families filled with members who truly love one another, and enjoy spending time together;
3) This world if filled with MANY principled and generous people, who give of their time and talents, either vocationally or a-vocationally, putting “positive drops in the bucket of humanity” to make the world a better place. Thank you for giving us a full-on view of goodness and grace in this world full of many woes. We truly have been blessed beyond measure by you all and feel very honored and grateful to have been allowed to share so many special moments, events and celebrations with you and your families.

The decision to close the Inn came not because of illness or tragedy, but because we wish to lean into new opportunities and adventures in our lives. Fred is still working on a manuscript for his new book as I write this – Yes, we will let you know when the book will be released, as many of you have requested - and I hope to travel (with Fred), and pursue other career and personal goals.

Closing the Inn is a bittersweet for us both, but it also feels right. Thank you to so many of you who have let us know that our dream of providing a place of relaxation, peace and renewal in this beautiful bluff country, came true for you. We miss you already… Please do stay in touch by email at Many blessings to you all!

With love,
Sandy and Fred Kiel



Fred and Sandy wish to extend a heart-felt Thank You to you all, our gracious guests. The Inn at Sacred Clay Farm B&B is closed as of December 31, 2013, as we open new chapters in our lives.


In these last eight years, you have blessed us many times over, with both delightful acquaintance and treasured friendships.  You will truly be missed – Thank you.


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